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Endermalogy LPG NY

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Endermalogy is the first patented, FDA cleared process proved to effectively reduceteh appearance of cellulite. This treatment i non- invasive tech. that helps to break up fatty pockets, increrase local blood circulation, and smooth out cellulite fine lines. its crucial to have an overall body treatment during each session through a serries in order to achieve maximum visible results. Your body will have more definition and skin will look firmer and tigter. For faster results, it is recommended that the Seaweed Slimming and Toning Wrap be used in conjunction with this treatment.  


Cellulite 脂肪
Body Sculpting 塑身
Increased Circulation 增加血液循环
Skin Toning 皮肤调理
Fat targeting 脂肪定位
Streamline Body Contours流线型身体轮廓
Increased Local Lymphatic Flow 增加局部淋巴循环
Post-Pregnancy Sculpting and Skin Toning 孕后塑身及皮肤调理





Individual results may vary, 效果存在个体差异

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