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1.       What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Make Up, refer to permanent cosmetics, micropigmentation, also refer to embroidery of eyebrow, eyeliner, lip color, lip liner etc, is the art of implanting pigment into dermal layer of the skin. A Make Up background is certainly important. The key of permanent makeup is to make it Natural, and attuned in Balance with the whole face features. For example, about the thickness, arch, color, length of the eyebrows, every permanent makeup artist has different design because they have different concept about the “art”. Trust yourself, you can be the beautiful you that you even never imagine. Including 

Permanent Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lip linerLip Color, Special applocations.


2.       What is the difference between Permanent Makeup and Tatoo?

There is a big difference between Tattooing and Permanent Make Up. Tattooing goes much deeper into the skin while Permanent Make Up goes more superficially into the skin, and the tattoo dyes and permanent makeup pigments are different. Permanent makeup will produce much more natural look.


3.       How permanent is Permanent?

Permanent makeup usually last 2- 4 years, some last less than 2 years or longer than 4 years depends on the body chemistry, techniques and experiences.


4.       What is the procedure for permanent makeup?

schedule an appointment--Consultation---design—pick up color—application---post care


5.       Does it hurt?

Topical anesthetics are used to minimize discomfort. Although you can still feel the procedure happening, most people feel little to no pain.


6.       Can I choose my color and placement?

Yes. Each procedure is customized specifically to the client. There is a wide spectrum of colors you can choose from. Your desires and preferred placement are discussed and approved by you prior to your procedure.


7.       How long does it take?

Each procedure takes no longer than an hour from start to finish.


8.       Is it safe?

Safety and sanitation are top priorities. All regulations are strictly adhered to. The pigment used is ion-oxide based and hypoallergenic. The superficial application prevents the body’s reaction to rejection of the pigment.


9.       Something need pay attention for after application?

There will be detailed post care instructions after application. There may be some slight swelling, itchiness and redness in the area following application, which will subside within couple days. The color tends to appear darker because of scabs, once the scabs fall off, it looks more natural.  


10.     How long does it take to recover?

Skin cells need 28 days around to recover.


11.     Does it need checkup?

We offer FREE CHECK UP and ONE TIME FREE TOUCH UP if the touch up is scheduled within 6 months..


12.     Can I still wear traditional make up over my permanent make up?

Yes.  Additional make up is your personal choice and has no reaction with the permanent make up..






      Everlyn Ho


      wechat: everlynho

                                                  cell. 646-378-8686



  • 25 years with permanent makeup and esthetics. 

  • Teacher License in Esthetics, 

  • Licensed Esthetician,

  • Tatoo License,

  • Member of SPCP                   

  • Best Makeup Artist in New York City, Citysearch 2009,2010   

  • Exclusive Makeup/Beauty Consultant for Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant for 20 years                                                            




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